Proton's e.MAS Brand Debuts with New EV Logo, First Electric Vehicle Expected by Year's End 2024

Proton has just named its new electric car lineup "e.MAS" and revealed a redesigned logo for it. According to the brand's Chief Designer, Azlan Othman, the new logo is a modern version of Proton's tiger logo, featuring a simpler and clearer design.

This logo will be displayed on the front of all upcoming electric Proton cars, while an "e.MAS" badge will be placed on the back to show they're electric.

Proton has introduced a fresh turquoise color for its e.MAS brand, inspired by its existing Super Nova Blue shade but with added enhancements, according to Azlan Othman, the brand's Chief Designer. This new color incorporates a greenish hue symbolizing cleaner energy and a safer environment.

Alongside the launch of the e.MAS EV brand, Proton has named its initial 17 e.MAS dealerships across the nation, including Sabah. These dealerships comprise both existing Proton outlets and new ones. Proton underscores that its existing dealerships must meet certain undisclosed criteria to sell e.MAS EVs.

If you were expecting Proton to reveal its first electric car (EV), that hasn't happened yet—it's slated for later this year (2024). Proton recently ran a contest called the "Proton Brand Name Contest," where Malaysians could suggest names for its upcoming EV lineup. The contest got over 25,000 entries in just 16 days, from May 20 to June 5, 2024. The contest poster showed a car silhouette resembling the Geely Galaxy E5, which is rumored to be the basis for Proton's first EV.

The Geely Galaxy E5 was showcased at the Beijing Motor Show 2024. It's built on Geely's GEEA 3.0 platform with cell-to-body integration. It's about the same size as the Honda CR-V and has a front-mounted single-motor setup producing 160 kW (about 218 hp). The Galaxy E5 offers two battery options: 49.52 kWh and 60.22 kWh, with driving ranges of 440 km and 530 km, respectively.

13 Jun 2024