2024 Proton X50 RC Gets a Facelift with Better 360 Cam and Quieter Ride, with a Generous RM7k Discount!

After nearly four years since its debut in 2020, and with over 110,000 units sold in 12 right-hand-drive markets, the Proton X50 is back for 2024 as the X50 RC, which stands for Running Change.

Proton's updated B-segment SUV is available in four variants: Standard, Executive, Premium, and Flagship, with prices ranging from RM86,300 to RM113,300. These prices are the same as the current ones listed on the Proton website.

The exterior design remains the same in these images, with Proton clarifying that it's not a facelift. They hint at a bigger update inspired by the Geely Binyue Cool, which will come later in the X50's life.

The 2024 X50 keeps its core engine specifications unchanged. It still uses a 1.5-liter turbocharged inline-three cylinder petrol engine. The Standard, Executive, and Premium models have a version with 150 PS and 226 Nm of torque, while the Flagship model has a more powerful version with 177 PS and 255 Nm of torque. All versions come with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox that powers the front wheels.

The notable change is where the X50's engine comes from. Previously, the turbocharged three-cylinder engine was fully imported from China. However, with the 2024 update, Proton now produces the engine locally at its manufacturing site in Tanjung Malim, Perak.

There's more to the 2024 X50 than just the engine change. Proton has also enhanced the noise, vibrations, and harshness (NVH) package. They've made improvements in over 20 areas throughout the body of the updated B-segment SUV.
After testing the 2024 X50 at Proton's Shah Alam facility, we found that road noise has been reduced compared to the old model. Wind noise has also been decreased slightly, though not as much. Hafriz Shah, a 2020 X50 owner, mentioned that while wind noise from the right side has improved, it's still noticeable.

While the outside of the 2024 X50 looks much like before, the inside has been upgraded. The main screen for infotainment stays at 10.3 inches. It runs on a dual quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. Now, all versions include this setup and a digital instrument cluster. Before, only the Standard and Executive models had smaller screens and analog meters.

The head unit updates make the 2024 X50 boot up 33% faster and load 55% quicker, thanks to a more powerful processor. Plus, with the Proton Link mobile app (available on Executive variants and above), you can control the car remotely, like starting the engine or adjusting the air-conditioning.

The 360-degree camera in the 2024 X50 has been improved based on customer feedback, offering clearer images. There's also a new '3D Live Feed' view for better maneuvering assistance.

On top of that, the Flagship and Premium variants now come with a powered tailgate as standard, which used to be an optional feature.

During our test drive, we tried out the upgraded 360-degree camera system. Proton set up a unique test where drivers relied solely on the camera suite to navigate a course, with the windscreen and side windows blocked for added challenge.

Hey readers, do you think these small changes to the Proton X50 are enough to keep it competitive after four years, especially with new rivals from other Chinese brands at similar prices?

04 Jun 2024