Proton's Glimpse into the Future: Highlights from the 2024 Beijing Automobile Show

Proton's partner and major shareholder, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely), unveiled a wide range of cutting-edge technologies at the recent 2024 Beijing Automobile Show.

One standout was the futuristic flagship SUV concept, Galaxy Starship, showcasing Geely's dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive technology.

Joined by Malaysian media representatives at the event, this presented a valuable chance for Proton to tap into Geely's innovative technologies and provide a glimpse into potential future advancements.

Galaxy Starship.

Reflecting the global shift towards New Energy Vehicles, Geely unveiled pioneering advancements in electric and hybrid powertrains, alongside the introduction of cutting-edge architectures such as the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) and Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) for upcoming models.

The Galaxy Starship, built on Geely Electric Architecture, showcases a fusion of various powertrain technologies and enhances user interaction through AI, powered by FlymeAuto from Meizu.

Its impressive gullwing doors reveal a stunning interior with versatile seating options, offering a glimpse into potential future vehicle interior designs.

Although motor shows primarily aim to gather public feedback and reveal design trends, these advancements have the potential to be integrated into Proton's product strategy. By adopting cutting-edge features and enhancing performance, Proton can elevate its future models to new heights.

smart #3.
The media had the chance to examine the third SEA-based model from smart up close, namely the durable off-road SUV smart #5.
As the smart #3 is scheduled to launch in Malaysia in 2024, the collaboration between Geely and the Daimler Group is expanding its lineup, promising more choices in the coming years.

These experiences showcased the real-world application of technologies like the Thor powertrain, offering the media a firsthand look at features that could potentially be integrated into future Proton EVs.

Proton CEO Dr. Li Chunrong emphasized the significance of motor shows in showcasing future models and technologies, despite no collaborative models with Geely being exhibited at the event.

He mentioned that Malaysians can anticipate the integration of Geely's global platforms and advanced new energy architecture into upcoming Proton models, bringing forth a new era of comprehensive AI intelligence in Malaysia's automotive industry.

15 May 2024