Proton X50 minor facelift details: The focus will be on upgraded features, with support for Android Auto / Apple Car Play. It is expected to be released as early as July.

Rumors about the Proton X50 minor facelift model have been circulating since last year, and according to recent information we've obtained, this time, in addition to minor exterior changes, the focus will be on upgrading features. Much-awaited features like Android Auto / Apple CarPlay are expected to be included. It's reported that the new car will be officially unveiled in the next two to three months.

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As the best-selling B-Segment SUV in the Malaysian market, the X50 has been on the market for over three years since its launch in October 2020. To ensure its competitiveness, the original manufacturer has actually been preparing for its minor facelift for some time. However, last year, development work had to make way for the S70 and the upcoming X70 MC2, leading to a delay in the release of the X50's facelift. Nevertheless, according to the information we've received, the new car will be unveiled in the next two to three months (after the release of the X70 MC2).

Currently, we haven't received much information about this car. However, based on Proton's consistent approach and considering the case of the X70, we expect the manufacturer to make only minor upgrades to the exterior of this car, adding some freshness to its already stylish design. As for the new design seen on the Chinese version of the Geely Binyue, it's unlikely to be part of this upgrade.

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Additionally, there shouldn't be significant changes to the interior design, but the new car will be upgraded to the latest car infotainment system found in the X90. Moreover, because Proton's Deputy CEO Roslan Abdullah previously mentioned that the company has collaborated with Apple and Google, the next models will start supporting Android Auto / Apple CarPlay. Therefore, it's highly likely that the upcoming X50 facelift will also incorporate this crucial feature. This enhancement will significantly boost the competitiveness of this car in the market, especially considering that other vehicles in the same segment already offer it.

Proton X50 1.5 TGDi engine, 7DCT combo receives top award from China's  Society of Automotive Engineers -

As for the powertrain options, currently, this car is available locally with two powertrain configurations: a 1.5L MPI Turbo engine and a 1.5L TGDI engine. The former produces 148 Hp + 226 Nm, while the latter offers 174 Hp + 255 Nm. Both are paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, and it's likely that the manufacturer won't make any adjustments to this mature powertrain system this time around.

Finally, we know that the X70 MC2 is expected to be released in May, with the X50 facelift following closely behind. If, as rumored, it's indeed unveiled within the next two to three months, we could expect to see this long-delayed car no later than July. Are you looking forward to it?

27 Apr 2024