Honda City Hatchback minor facelift is now open for booking: All spec supports Honda SENSING, with an expected official release in Q2.

Honda Malaysia today announced that the Honda City Hatchback minor facelift is officially open for booking locally. This time, the car will feature a new exterior design, and Honda SENSING advanced active safety features will be standard across all specification. Additionally, the manufacturer will add more equipment to it. The new car is expected to be officially released locally in Q2 of this year.

ราคา Honda City Hatchback 2024 เริ่มต้น 5 แสนตามเดิม เพิ่มรุ่นย่อย e:HEV

With the City Hatchback small facelift previously officially launched in Thailand, Honda Malaysia today also officially opened reservations for the facelifted model in our country. The new car will have a more handsome exterior, with optimized bumper design, reduced size of the Solid Wing chrome trim, and a different design for the grille, resembling the honeycomb style of the Civic. The side profile design remains largely consistent with the current model, and the iconic 3D LED taillights are retained at the rear, although the bumper design differs slightly from the current model.

Moreover, currently, this car has 5 models to choose from in our country, namely 1.5S, 1.5E, 1.5V, 1.5V-Sensing, and RS e:HEV models. After the small facelift, it is expected to continue offering 5 models to choose from, but the manufacturer will discontinue the V-Sensing version and replace it with the RS petrol version. This version's introduction is believed to be a good thing for many consumers. Below is the lineup of the facelifted models:

  • City 1.5S
  • City 1.5E
  • City 1.5V
  • City RS Petrol
  • City RS e:HEV

The above photos are based on the configuration before the small facelift:

According to reports, the interior design of this car remains largely unchanged from before, but the new car features an all-black interior design. Moreover, the manufacturer has added many new features to the small facelift model. For example, the instrument panel will be upgraded to a 4.2-inch TFT color screen (previously black and white), while the RS model is expected to have a 7-inch partially digital instrument panel. Additionally, although the central control touchscreen remains 8 inches, it now features a high-definition screen for improved clarity compared to before the small facelift. Furthermore, the new car also adds wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality abroad, making it more convenient to connect and use your phone.

In terms of powertrain configuration, this car remains consistent with before the small facelift. According to official releases, the e:HEV RS model will use a 1.5L i-MMD hybrid powertrain system, boasting excellent power output with a maximum horsepower of 107 Hp and peak torque of 253 Nm. Additionally, the 1.5L i-VTEC naturally aspirated engine configuration is expected to be retained, offering power output of 119 Hp + 145 Nm.

As for the top-spec e:HEV RS model, the Honda SENSING advanced safety features will include the addition of LSF Low-Speed Follow (ACC with Stop & Go). This time, the manufacturer has upgraded the Honda SENSING advanced safety features to be standard across the lineup. Features such as ACC Adaptive Cruise Control, FCW Forward Collision Warning, CMBS Collision Mitigation Braking System, LKAS Lane Keeping Assist System, LDW Lane Departure Warning, and AHB Automatic High Beam will all be available on this car. Additionally, new LCDN Lead Car Departure Functionality will also be added.

As for the pricing details, the manufacturer has not yet released this information, and it is expected that we will have to wait until the official release to know. However, it is anticipated that, like the City small facelift, there will be a slight increase in prices. Referring to the current official website prices of each model (before the facelift), the specific prices are as follows:

  • 1.5S: Starting from RM 78,900
  • 1.5E: Starting from RM 86,900
  • 1.5V: Starting from RM 91,900
  • 1.5V-Sensing: Starting from RM 95,900
  • 1.5 RS: Starting from RM 109,900
Finally, the manufacturer expects the facelifted models to be released during the second quarter of this year (April - June). The new car is now available for reservation at all Honda dealerships nationwide. Interested friends can contact Shian at 011-1128 7314 to reserve their car now!

22 Apr 2024