800 people place booking of BYD Seal in just 2 days, so they decided to offer the early-bird deal to 1,100 units now!!

BYD Seal has started really well in Malaysia. BYD Sime Darby Beyond Auto said on Facebook that they've received over 800 bookings for the car, similar to the Tesla Model 3, just two days after it was introduced in the country.

Because of the good response, the company will let another 300 people get in on the early deal for the BYD Seal. These buyers will get a free home charger and charging credits worth RM800.

BYD SEAL Bakal Dilancarkan di Malaysia dengan Harga Menarik | Gohed Gostan


BYD Seal was introduced in Malaysia last week with two options, priced from RM180,430 without insurance. In comparison, Tesla's Model 3 starts at RM189,000.

BYD Seal not only costs less than the Tesla Model 3 but also has more power, especially the Performance variant, which costs RM20,000 less than the Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD. It's no surprise that people are excited about this Chinese electric sedan.

BYD Seal Malaysia: BYD's answer to Tesla Model 3 showcased


It's uncertain if the BYD Seal will keep its initial interest in Malaysia over time, like the Atto 3 and Dolphin did. BYD hasn't released official sales numbers here, but the strong start is a good sign.

However, competition will get tougher with the Tesla Model Y and the Ora 07 (previously Lightning Cat) launching soon.


26 Feb 2024